A Guide to Effective Strength Training with Altern8 Training

A Guide to Effective Strength Training with Altern8 Training

Strength training, also referred to as Progressive Resistance Training (PRT), stands as a cornerstone of fitness, encompassing a regimen where muscles gradually exert force against increasing resistance to bolster strength. The significance of engaging in strength training spans various demographics, as it not only mitigates the risk of numerous diseases but also enhances the quality of life and reduces mortality rates.

Particularly as individuals age, strength training becomes imperative for upholding functionality crucial for daily activities and pain management. Furthermore, many aspire to witness transformations in their body composition and bolster their strength. At Altern8 Training, when initiating interactions with prospective clients, we often ask, “Have you engaged in strength training before?” Despite enthusiastic affirmations, clients frequently recount involvement in programs like circuit training or other exercises that deviate from true strength training.


What comprises strength training?

So, what constitutes strength training? Crucial exercise variables, as previously discussed in one of our articles, include exercise selection, intensity, volume, rest periods, and frequency. Manipulating these variables intentionally within a structured program is essential for progressive performance enhancement. To achieve strength gains, it’s imperative to consider the following:

  • Specific exercise selection aligned with performance goals,
  • Adequate intensity relative to one’s one repetition max,
  • Appropriate volume at the designated intensity,
  • Adequate rest intervals to maintain consistent performance per set,
  • Sufficient practice or frequency through thoughtful exercise selection throughout the week.

Anything falling short of these principles, by definition, doesn’t align with true strength training. By evaluating your routine against these criteria, you can ascertain whether you’re genuinely engaging in strength training.


What strength training isn’t

Understanding the essence of strength training is paramount to avoid disillusionment with fitness outcomes. Often, individuals seek to improve their overall health, fitness, and body composition through purported strength training programs that don’t effectively deliver results. Unfortunately, the fitness industry sometimes employs the term’ strength’ loosely. While classes like BodyPump or F45 are commendable for general fitness, they don’t necessarily cater to strength development. Let’s examine how these classes fare against our defined criteria:

  • Exercise selection: While incorporating a variety of compound exercises is beneficial, true strength training demands a more focused and intentional selection.
  • Intensity: Class formats typically don’t permit loading movements heavily enough to stimulate strength development effectively.
  • Volume: Excessive volume below the requisite intensity threshold fosters improvements in fitness rather than strength.
  • Rest: Standardized rest intervals in class formats may not cater to individual performance needs.
  • Frequency: Inconsistent organization of weekly sessions may impede consistent practice of lifts crucial for improvement.


Finish strong

At Altern8 Training, we recognize the pivotal role of strength training in promoting healthy aging and overall fitness enhancement. It’s not merely a casual term but a structured regimen grounded in specific principles and objectives. To optimize outcomes, understanding how to allocate your exercise time is paramount. While we advocate for diverse forms of exercise, it’s crucial to differentiate strength training from other fitness pursuits. If you aspire for strength gains, it’s imperative to acknowledge the key criteria: exercise selection, intensity, volume, rest, and frequency.

These elements serve as the bedrock of strength training. Should you require assistance in embarking on your strength training journey, we’re here to guide you. Your commitment to exercise represents an investment, so ensure it aligns with your fitness objectives. Choose Altern8 Training wisely, and if strength training is among your goals, rest assured we’ll steer you in the right direction. Contact us today to commence your strength training journey with Altern8 Training.