Benefits Of Our Fitness Centre

Benefits Of Our Fitness Centre

Are you looking for a fitness centre with personalised class-based sessions, indoor and outdoor sessions, flexible start times, and a variety of balanced fitness programs? You have come to the right place. Altern8 Training is the newest fitness centre in St Ives, and we have everything you need to get fit and take your mind off life’s stresses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best benefits of our fitness centre.

We Offer Indoor & Outdoor Sessions

Training and keeping fit never gets boring with Altern8 Training. We offer a range of indoor and outdoor sessions to keep your training fresh and fun. Choose what works best for you, or mix up your training environment whenever you like with Altern8 Training. Find out more about the indoor and outdoor sessions at Altern8 Training on our website.

We Have Flexible Start Times

At Altern8 Training, we understand that you may have a busy schedule that can make it seem impossible to fit a regular training session into. This is why we provide flexible times for many of our classes. This means that you can turn up at any time throughout the session, helping you to fit in a training session to any busy schedule. Click here to find out more about our flexible time classes where you can turn up at any time.

We Provide A Variety Of Fitness Programs

Whatever your fitness goals are, we have the perfect fitness program for you at Altern8 Training! You can choose from a variety of balanced fitness programs to reach your fitness goals and take your mind off life’s stresses. From beginners to those looking to push themselves in a self-development program, Altern8 Training have the right fitness program for you. See more information on our available fitness programs at Altern8 training on our website.

Receive Technique Focused In-Class Instruction

When training, it is important to make sure you have the right technique to avoid injury and maximise the effectiveness of your training. Altern8 Training has a team of experienced trainers ready to offer you guidance throughout our fitness classes. By being guided to the right training techniques, you can avoid injury and get the most out of your training! Would you like to meet the team of trainers at Altern8 Training? You can find out more about our team of trainers on our website by clicking here.

Reach Out To The Altern8 Training Team

Do you have a question about our fitness centre, programs or class schedule? Get in contact with the team at Altern8 Training today! Our team is always happy to answer all of your questions. Call us today at 0450 909 388 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to reach your fitness goals.

Stay Updated With Altern8 Training

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