Introducing Kieren Payne with Altern8 Training: Your Heart Health Trainer

Introducing Kieren Payne with Altern8 Training: Your Heart Health Trainer

We are thrilled to introduce Kieren Payne, our heart health trainer, who will share invaluable insights into fitness and training. Ensure you’re signed up so you don’t miss out on his expertise!

Kieren Payne is the founder and owner of Altern8 Training, located in Sydney’s North Shore, NSW, Australia. With extensive experience in the fitness industry, Kieren works daily with clients, helping them reach their full potential safely. He tailors each client’s program to their specific needs, focusing on targeting muscles correctly and ensuring proper technique.

Improving your heart health is essential for a long and healthy life. At Altern8 Training, our Heart Health Trainer program is designed to help you achieve optimal heart health through tailored exercise and lifestyle modifications. Led by our experienced trainer, Kieren Payne, our Gym and Fitness Training Program focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of heart disease, and enhancing overall well-being.


Why Choose Altern8 Training’s Heart Health Trainer Program?

With over 15 years of experience, Kieren has worked as Strength and Conditioning coach. He holds an undergraduate degree in Sports and Exercise and a master’s degree in Sports Science (Strength and Conditioning) and is accredited as a level 2 Strength and Conditioning coach by the ASCA.

Kieren believes that age or fitness level should not limit anyone’s ability to incorporate healthy fitness habits into their daily lives. Collaborating with Heart Research Australia, Kieren is dedicated to providing the Heart Health Trainer program with the tools and knowledge needed to safely start a new exercise program and enhance overall heart health.

Personalized Approach: Our Heart Health Trainer program is personalized to suit your specific fitness level, health goals, and medical history. Whether you’re recovering from a heart condition or looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, our program is tailored to meet your needs.

Expert Guidance: Kieren Payne is your trainer, and you’ll receive expert guidance and support throughout your fitness journey. Kieren is experienced in working with individuals with heart health concerns and will ensure that your workouts are safe and effective.

Comprehensive Assessment: Before starting the program, you’ll undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine your current fitness level and identify any underlying health issues. This assessment helps us tailor the program to suit your specific needs.

Customized Exercise Plan: Based on the assessment results, Kieren will create a customized exercise plan that focuses on improving cardiovascular fitness, strength, and flexibility. The plan will be designed to increase in intensity to ensure safe and effective progress gradually.

Nutritional Guidance: In addition to exercise, our program includes nutritional guidance to help you make heart-healthy food choices. A healthy diet plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal heart health, and our team will provide you with the information and support you need to make informed decisions.


Join Altern8 Training’s Heart Health Trainer Program Today!

Take control of your heart health today by joining Altern8 Training’s Heart Health Trainer program. Contact us at +61 450-909-388 or visit our location in Sydney, NSW, Australia, to learn more about our program and get started on your journey to a healthier heart. With our personalized approach and expert guidance, you can achieve optimal heart health and improve your overall well-being.

Let’s give a warm welcome to Kieren as he joins the Heart Research Australia family. We’re excited to share his expertise with our Heart Health Trainer program. Start your journey to a healthier heart with Altern8 Training today!